Command and Conquer
by Westwood Studios
released 1996
for Sega Saturn

Command & Conquer is my second choice for a Strategy/War game. That's mainly because I'm not a fan of modern or futuristic games. It is a good game, and is very fun and challenging.
There are several elements that make this game one that I'd recommend. One is the ability to select your music during gameplay. The music itself is nothing special, but it's okay. The sound FX are as good as expected for a Strategy/War game and the graphics are also pretty good, and C&C has a wide variety of movies, both filmed and computer generated between levels and to display major events.
The storyline is pretty much the usual race for world domination, with a few differences--which are important otherwise the game wouldn't be very interesting. Each level is different, in that many different characters and weapons are introduced, and each level plays differently as well. Sometimes you're controlling a one-man demolition squad, and sometimes you're leading 200 skilled soldiers and weapons into an enemy base on a rescue mission. This amount of variety is what makes Command & Conquer worth buying, and if you're into this game there's a sequel, called C&C: Red Alert, as well as many add-ons for the PC version
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