Dead Or Alive
Dead or Alive
by Tecmo
released winter 1997
for Sega Saturn

Dead or Alive is a 3D fighting game and has had a pretty successful transfer from arcades, with a little extra loading time. One of the main parts of this game is the rewards it offers for winning, and beating it in certain amounts of time and with certain characters. Between extra options and a lot of special costumes, Dead or Alive would be worth the money to a lot of people.
And like all new fighting games, it has a few aspects that make it different from the others. Dead or Alive, instead of walls or ring-outs, there are danger-areas that explode whenever a fighter falls on them, and the counter attack button adds a little more realism to the fighting.
This game has some big, bouncy adult themes, but they can be turned off, and the fighting in this game is a lot less flashy and exciting and a bit more complicated than a lot of others.
In my personal opinion, this isn't my favorite fighting game. And although it can stand against Virtua Fighter and Tekken, there are better games to spend your money on, but it is for both Saturn and PlayStation, so it could be a choice depending on taste.
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