Puzzle Bobble 2X
by Taito
released July 19, 1996
for Sega Saturn

Puzzle Bobble 2 is definitely my favorite puzzle game I've ever played because it's very fun! The idea is from a very old Nintendo game called Bubble Bobble, all though it wasn't a puzzle game, it had the same characters. If you like this game, by the way, you can also look for the latest, 'Bust-A-Move 3,' and of course, the first in the series.
There are many different kinds of Puzzle games, so I'll give you an idea roughly what it's like. The screen is made up of many different coloured bubbles, and your character sits at the bottom and randomly shoots more bubbles at the ones currently up there. You aim where you want to fire, because they are colour coordinated. The goal is to get rid of the bubbles already up there by shooting and linking at least three bubbles of the same colour at one or more linked bubbles of the same colour.
It sounds a bit confusing the way I describe it, but it's really a very simple game--Not easy! Just not confusing. There are many options like most games, plus different ways to play the game, 1 player adventure, 1 player battle Vs. Computer, and my favorite, 2 player battle.
I'm going to warn you though, that this game can be pretty addictive once you start getting into it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The graphics are good as can be expected from a puzzle game, no major movies or anything. The sounds fit the game perfectly and sound good, and it plays very smoothly.
I'll recemend this one to everyone because it's so fun, and it's, in my opinion, the perfect puzzle game!
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