Riglordsaga 2
by Sega / Micro Cabin
released November 8, 1996
for Sega Saturn

If you like the first Riglordsaga/Mysteria/Blazing Heroes, then you will like the second installment of the Riglordsaga 2. The story begins hundred year after the war of the first game, there is a Conference of Seven Wise Men who start an invasion of the great land. This game has many enhancements over the first installment including new game-play, more skill types, being able to combine skills and better interactive environment. For a flying creature, such as dragon, now she can fly low or high and it determines the type of attack she can execute and how much damage she will receive from the enemy. She also able to pick up an allied and transports him across the mountain, or she can drop an enemy over a cliff. You also can combine different skill types into a new one. Depending on the condition, different skill type such as attack and attribute magic can mix into a new attack. On the battlefield, there are traps like knife pit and fire hose, and it improves the game-play.
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