Saturn Bomberman
by Hudson Soft
released September, 1997
for Sega Saturn

Bomberman has been a videogame series for a very long time. It's been pretty much every system worth mentioning. What makes Saturn Bomberman different from all the rest is it's NetLink compatibility. Bomberman is just like Virtual On, in that it's more of a sport than a game to a lot of gamers with NetLinks. It can be played on the NetLink by Direct Link and there are many tournaments organized via the internet for people that want to test their abilities or be the rated one of the best.
The graphics, like all the Bomberman games except for the latest generation of 3D ones are nothing special. They were never the most beautiful games, but that doesn't really matter seeing as how they are very fun. The music as well, isn't the game's strongest factor along with the sound FX.
The thing this game has it all in is fun factor. The one-player option is long lasting and doesn't get dull, and it's challenging as well as fun. For when that's over with there's the multiplayer feature which can be used to play with up to 10 friends! You can choose between many different levels, characters, and extra options and styles of play. Bomberman's type is, I think, the first of it's kind. All though it has been duplicated and copied in many occasions, that just goes to show how good the original really is.
Bomberman has some cartoons that play between levels every now and then to let the player know what's going on storyline wise. I've got to say though, the storyline isn't very good. But that's really the only fault Saturn Bomberman has. The rest is fine, but after a while the game does lose it's edge like most games, which is the main reason I'd recommend this game mainly to people with, or planning to buy a NetLink.
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