Solar Eclipse
by Crystal Dynamics
released 1995
for Sega Saturn

Solar Eclipse is one of the about 15-20 domestic launch games for the Sega Saturn, and it's a good game, and still has quite a bit of demand from domestic Saturn owners.
It's a shoot-'em-up game, which is one of my favorite types of game, because it keeps you moving and requires a lot of skill and speed, which means that it's a challenge. Unfortunately, like the rest of the Saturn launch games, graphics weren't it's best feature.
This game has a bit of a storyline unlike many shoot-'em-ups, and it's movies are like that of a video, with real-time actors, including some familiar faces.
Something I personally think Sega should have focused a bit more on for American Saturn's is this type of game. These games are common in Japan, but not as much here, so Solar Eclipse is a good game to get.
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