Shining Force 3: Scenario 1
Shining Force 3: Scenario 1
by Sega
released December 1997, August 1998 in US
for Sega Saturn

This is the first in the three scenarios of the Shining Force 3 series. This is a tactical RPG and you play as the Republic hero tries to resolve the nation crisis.

Shining Force III is the latest in the Shining Force series and Sega's final game to be released domestically for the Sega Saturn.
This is a great game to have to keep you busy with your Saturn during the summer. It's a 40 hour long Role Playing Game, based a lot on strategy and tactics, much like Riglordsaga/Blazing Heroes. Only this game is full-3D, with the ability to rotate the camera 360 degrees for better gameplay.
The graphics are decent but nothing special(The characters look a little choppy), and it takes a few minutes to get used to the look of the game but afterwards and overall this game is definitely worth buying. Unfortunately music and sound effects aren't this games strongest points.
The gameplay is smooth, with virtually no loading time and no slow-downs at all. The storyline is in-depth and worth paying attention to with all the usual lies and treachery.
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