Soul Hackers
Soul Hackers
by Atlus
released November 13, 1997
for Sega Saturn

Soul Hackers is the sequel to Devil Summoner but the story is not related. Soul Hackers is about a corporation created a large computer network that allow people 'get' into their computers and into the software created virtual world. However, after awhile, a strange disease developed on those users and it turns out to be this is an evil domination plot using the living chip…
The game is set in modern day Japan and the player is given a device called COMP. Using this device, you can talk to other monsters and be able to persuade them to join you. Once they join you, you can summon them to fight along you in battles, you can also combine them to create different monster types. Each monster has his own personality and you can check the loyalty meter for each allied monster. You need to please them in order for them to be loyal to you, otherwise they will not follow your commands during battle and they may even turn against you. Later in the game, you also be given a sword that you can craft with monsters for enhanced attribute. COMP is also software upgradable too! By purchasing new software, you can customize your environment, such as displaying a mini-3D map on the screen, displaying the internal Saturn clock on the screen, being able to view floor map on multiple levels, being to talk to monster under 'full moon' effects, and much more… Because Soul Hackers Is set in modern day, you can use guns and bombs along with other traditional magic and swords.
This is a long game on a 2 CD set! The graphic is progressively better and impressive on the second disc. This game was very successful on the Japanese chart and it is one of the best selling RPG for Saturn. Atlus also released the Soul Hackers Monster Complete Collection 2nd Chapter CD that lists all the monsters from the game and also lets you customize the game in certain aspect.
Here are the screen shots I took toward the end of disc 1.
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