Shining the Holy Ark
by Sonic Team
released July, 1997
for Sega Saturn

Shining the Holy Ark is a Role Playing Game with a first person perspective. I bought this one because of how good I heard it was. But I didn't know it was this kind of RPG until I played it, so I took it back. Shining the Holy Ark is very good and pretty everyone I know that has it says it's one of their favorites.
It has a pretty indepth storyline and a lot of conversation between the characters, so just as long as you pay attention, you'll probably like it. Just like all RPGs, this game doesn't revolve around music and Sound FX, but also just like all RPGs, the music there is very good, and they try to put in a movie whenever they can as well. Often something that eventually comes into your viewpoint and associates itself with the play.
Unfortuneatly, like most RPG's it's not specifically meant for young kids because of the complicating storyline and large amount of text and the usual status, and equipping, and everything. If you want a game for the kids, a game to recommend from the, 'Shining,' series would be something like Shining Wisdom.
Shining the Holy Ark is also one of the games that was supposed to be something big for Sega Saturn, because it had potential, which I why RPG fans should look into getting this game.
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