Sonic R
Sonic R
by Sega
released December 4, 1997
for Sega Saturn

Sonic R is a very fun Saturn racer. The best way to describe it would be to say that Sonic R is Sega's answer to Super Mario Kart (64). It has decent graphics, music and sound, and like I said, it's fun.
This game has roughly the same idea of Mario Kart, it's based on the mascot of the system, and pretty much everything related to it. You can choose between several, Sonic the Hedgehog characters, such as Dr. Robotnic, Tails, and of course Sonic, and many more.
Graphics and sound FX aren't this games strongest point, but they're substituted by the gameplay. It's a very smooth moving game, and is always fun. Like most of the newer racers on most systems and arcades, it has several extras and rewards for beating the game, as well as different options and modes of play.
If you've already got the basics, Daytona USA, and Sega Rally, and you're looking for something different in a Saturn racer, you should definetly think about buying or at least renting this game.
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