Sega Rally Championship Plus
by Sega
released August, 1997
for Sega Saturn

Sega Rally Championship Plus would not be my first choice for a Saturn Racing game, but it's good for it's own reasons. One reason is that it's one of only two NetLink compatible racing games. Another is the fact that it's a very fast-paced game, which is what a lot of people look for in a racer and Sega Rally is also compatible with the Arcade Racer (Steering Wheel).
Unfortunately, this game doesn't have much variety -- Only a couple of Cars and tracks to choose from plus some secrets. But it's graphics are great and the sound, like most racing games is great as well. The only other thing that is a little bad about this game is the controls and the handling of the cars. It takes a long time to get used to and it's very annoying until you've spent a long time playing.
Each race is set on time, and racing other opponents, and it has a two player option which is very good because playing this game one player gets boring after a while, which is the main reason being a NetLink compatible game is so important. Other than these few faults, Sega Rally has very smooth gameplay and can be very fun depending on your taste.
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