Virtua Cop 2
by Sega
released November 22, 1996
for Sega Saturn

Virtua Cop 2 is a semi-3D shooter, and is nearly arcade perfect, with not too much loading time, and great graphics. Especially considering it's not a very recent title. In this game, you play one of three police officers and can choose between 3 levels (plus the last, unselectable level). Janet, the officer added just for VC2 is also featured in Fighters Megamix. There are also a lot of options to configure for yourself, as well as some extras such as mirror mode, or big heads, etc. Virtua Cop 2 is also a two player game if you want it to be, and can you used with the Sega Light gun and other 3rd party guns. One gun comes with selected copies of VC2.
The music is common for a shooter. Not it's strongest point but not bad, and the sounds are just about the same--good but nothing special. The gameplay is very smooth, and this game includes what Virtua Cop is famous for - the aiming target, which can be turned on or off.
The thing that makes this game my favorite shooter, is the variety in the gameplay. Every now and then, maybe once or twice per level you're given the right to select your path. There is lots of action in the game as well, such as car chases. In my opinion, Virtua Cop 2 is the best shooter for the Saturn.
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