Virtua Fighter 2
by Sega
released 1995
for Sega Saturn

Virtua Fighter a long time ago was a revolution in interactive entertainment. It used to be this is what was considered, 'Virtual Reality.' Well, it's not called that anymore, but Virtua Fighter is a classic and it is an unwritten rule that every Saturn owner has to have at least one copy.
Honestly, I love Virtua Fighter. I don't think any other fighting game can compare to any one of the Virtua Fighter series. Being the very first true 3D fighter, Virtua Fighter is what was the base for games like Tekken, Rival Schools, and Street Fighter EX. As a matter of fact, Virtua Fighter 3 has been selected to be part of a permanent display at the Smithsonian Institute.
The graphics in Virtua Fighter were good at one point in time. But to substitute the polygons, Sega released Virtua Fighter Remix, and gave it out to registered Saturn owners. The sound really isn't a factor in a fighting game, but I guess they're exceptional.
The one thing that Virtua Fighter 1 beats all fighting games in is the realistic fighting style each character uses. You can compare any of the Virtua Fighters with whatever style they use, and you'll find that every move is very accurate especially in Virtua Fighter 3.
The games spanning in the VF series is Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter Remix, Virtua Fighter 2, Fighters Megamix, Virtua Fighter 3, and Virtua Figther 3.1 (Team Battle). This game has very simple controls, especially considering the elaborate moves and combinations in it, and it is based on realism. Which means, no 500 gallons of blood flying everywhere, and no fireballs or teleporting--This entire series grasps fighting styles of many different cultures in which fighting has played a part as well as some extras, like sport fighting. Every Virtua Fighter game out there, anyone should look into.
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