Cyber Troopers Virtual On
Cyber Troopers Virtual On
by Sega
released November 29, 1996
for Sega Saturn

Although Virtual On is soon to be in the shadow of the upcoming, and highly anticipated, 'Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram,' it is my favorite two player game. Anyone that owns a Sega Saturn must have this game, and because it's a NetLink compatible game, now Virtual On is praised as more of a sport than a video game to Sega fans.
Virtual On has roughly the same idea of Gundam, with a rear view (The view can be changed, but there's no point as the other optional views are useless), and the controls are part of what makes Virtual On so unique. The game can be played with a standard controller, and Twin Sticks are also sold for Saturns but are hard to find and can be expensive depending on where you get them.
This game is a full 3D thrill-ride with pretty good graphics. Although the graphics are nothing special compared to how they could be, the excitement of the game substitutes without a doubt. The music, I'd have to admit could be better as well, it is exceptional but it's not what makes Virtual On stand out. There are also several extras in the game, such as special moves that only select characters can do. The characters are all very good in their own way. Usually in a game like this, there are few characters that are just terrible, but for Virtual On, it appears they put some work into them.
I myself, hate futuristic games, like Virtual On with all the lasers and robots, but like I said, it's my favorite two-player game, because it's so fun! I'm not very competitive but there are a lot of websites, etc. which support Virtual On tournaments which also contribute to the fun for lots of players, and that's why this game is more of a sport to a lot of people as well.
In my opinion, I'd recommend this game to everyone. The controls are very complicated for beginners, but you can get used to it, and I've even seen little 7, 8 year old kids that are pretty good, so it's for everyone.
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