Cyber Troopers Virtual On

Earth as we know it today is different in the world of Virtual-On; the Virtual Century, year 0084. Governments of countries have been privatized, and now throb on economic development and set their highest goals towards gaining more money than the competition.

V.C. 0084

A lunar mining survey commissioned by the DN Group uncovered a ruined outpost of unknown origin or age. The outpost had technology far beyond what humans had come to develop themselves.

The DN Group kept this technology under raps while it studied and researched the complexity of the machinery they had discovered. They kept it safe and quiet with the help of the tightest security force they could find: OT (Overtechnology) Systems. Years passed until the research had paid off with the development of combat-droids that are controlled by one's mind. These droids have devastating attack capabilities that overthrew that of any other mechanized warriors produced by the competition.

OT Systems took the knowledge of this technology and made things a lot more difficult for DN Group. During this time, the security programs based on the moon were accidentally re-armed by DN Group technicians, unleashing Virtual pandemonium on the once silent and desolate surface of Earth's moon. "Operation Moongate," was initiated shut down the base to stop the chaos from reaching Earth.

 V.C. 00 a. 0 (Present Day)

The battle for control of the moon is underway, with OT systems combat machines arrayed against the formidable remnants of the lunar complex defense forces. The DN Group forces have numerical superiority, but are being tactically outclassed by the experienced droids defending the base. In a desperate effort to recruit virtual pilots, the DN Military Support Division has opened a Test and Training program designed to cultivate maximum combat skills in the shortest possible time. As one of thousands of test candidates, you must prove yourself in simulation warfare against increasingly powerful DN test droids before qualifying for the MINDSHIFT into real-time combat in the lunar theatre.

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