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VR. Fei-Yen
VR. Fei-Yen
The Fei-Yen is the fastest of the DN Group droids, sleek and streamlines for high-speed maneuverability. The R&D team had to cut back on armor and heavy weapons, but the Fei-Yen is rumored to have a devastating secret attack system for last-ditch defense.
Bow Gun
Heart Beam
Hand Beam

Strategy Guide
Fei-Yen is the smallest and fastest VR in the game, giving her a tactical advantage over most VR's. It's three major weapons are the Bow-Gun, Heart beam, and the hand beam.
The bow-gun is a very fast firing weapon, and can hit any opponent. Especially for slower ones like Dorkas. Dashing and firing the bow-gun will let off two blasts instead of one causing in practically impossible for a slow moving VR to dodge both.
Fei-Yen's heart beam is her most powerful weapon, but is fairly slow and easy to dodge unless used as part of a decent strategy. The best way to attack with the heart beam is to use it while jumping, or when your opponent is turned around. When Fei-Yen's power is less than 1/3 and her defense system is operated she takes time to charge if this move is done while standing still and it is well worth it.
The hand beam is perfect for keeping your enemy moving at all times. It's a rapid-fire laser beam that doesn't take Þ­off much power with one shot, but when combined with a lot of good hits it can severely damage any VR.
Fei-Yen's crouch attacks really aren't very powerful. Her heart beam is pretty much the same, but her hand beam is good for firing over objects to get enemies that have taken to hiding. Crouching and firing her bow-gun will let off two blasts, just like when dashing.
Fei-Yen's one special move is her secret defense system, that activates once her power is down to 1/3. Her armor is more powerful once activated and her weapons are devastating.
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