VOOT Close Combat
VOOT Close Combat
VOOT Close Combat
Close Combat
There's no contesting the power of Raiden's lasers from afar, but nothing says "What's my name?!!?" more than delivering a Close Combat Attack. Close Combat in VOOT hasn't changed all that much from the original Virtual On; they've just made it a lot better and included more attacks.
First off, close combat is only initiated when your robot gets within activation range; this occurs when you get a double-lock on your target, and when at least one of your weapon meters turns completely yellow. Each robot has different activation ranges for each weapon; Raiden needs to be very close (34.9 Virtual Meters) in order to activate his Center Weapon Close Combat attack, while Apharmd-B can be pretty far away (134 Virtual Meters) and still hit you with his lethal metal-melting tongfers. Once you get that Close Combat double-lock, you can perform a Close Combat attack with any weapon that has a full yellow weapon meter; if you press a weapon attack button that isn't highlighted with the yellow meter, you'll simply fire the weapon normally. Oh, and if you're going to receive one of these Close Combat attacks, you'd be well advised to either dash away or press the A button to block melee attacks. Take note that you can only block when you're close enough to initiate a Close Combat Attack (i.e., when you have the double-lock on your opponent). And you can't block crouching attacks of any kind.
The original Virtual On had six standard Close Combat attacks from standing and crouching positions... The makers of VOOT, though, have decided to include more Close Combat attacks. By pressing the Right Turbo with a Weapon Attack button, you'll perform a very damaging and eye-catching strike; all Right Turbo Close Combat attacks knock the target down if the attack is not blocked. Finally, you can now perform jumping Close Combat attacks. The timing for this on a D-Pad can be kind of tricky; try pressing the Y button, then immediately pressing an attack button. Jump attacks definitely get "style points," but also are great in countering a Close Combat attack from an opponent; in one move, you can dodge an attack and bring some death from above.