VOOT Dash Vectoring
VOOT Dash Vectoring
VOOT Dash Vectoring
VOOT Dash Vectoring
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Dash Vectoring
If there's a clear line between a VOOT rookie and an intermediate competitor, that line is called Dash Vectoring... Those who play VOOT as a game in which robots constantly dash side to side, forward and back, firing weapons randomly need to learn Dash Vectoring. Dash Vectoring is probably one of the most important skills to learn in the game, and once you learn the basics, everything becomes quite clear; instead of seeing Fei-Yen Kn dash sideways, you'll see the vector paths, identify the point of weapon contact and begin to understand why this game consists of more than meets the eye.
The concept of Dash Vectoring was introduced in Virtual On: Cybertoopers by VO legend Chris Tan, and always starts off with this question: Which way is my opponent dashing? Well, Dash Vectoring only works as a reflexive tactic, in that your opponent has to dash and attack FIRST. So, keeping the enemy in your sights, here are the basic steps to Dash Vectoring:
1) Make your opponent dash
2) Wait for him/her to fire his Dash Attack
3) Dash to the correct dashing path
4) Fire your Dash Attack as your foe's Dashing ends
Sound complicated? Trust me--after you try it, it'll all make sense. But to ease you into Dash Vectoring, allow me to explain each step in detail...
Step 1: Make your opponent dash
As I said, the theories of Dash Vectoring don't work unless your opponent dashes first; whether you flush him out with a bomb, fire a high damaging weapon to get him to turbo out of the area or talk constant trash to get him to dash, the enemy must make the first gesture in dashing. Once he does...
Step 2: Wait for him/her to fire his Dash Attack
Again, I can't stress enough how patient you must be; waiting for your enemy to Dash Attack can be very difficult when the opponent's within 100 virtual meters. When he's that close, you pretty much have to guess when he's going to attack, since you won't have time to see his attack and dash. Then, once you see the Dash Attack fire...
Step 3: Dash to the correct dashing path
Now, what's the correct dashing path? Well, that depends on your opponent. Here's where it gets kinda tricky: With your opponent in your line of sight, here's what direction you dash after he fires his Dash Attack:
Opponent Forward Dash Attack = You Side Dash
Opponent Side Dash Attack = You Forward Dash
Opponent Back Dash Attack = Stupid Opponent
Now the explanations... When an opponent commits to a Forward Dash Attack, you must side dash to force your opponent to change his firing angle at the last second, thereby decreasing the chances of getting hit. Likewise, when an opponent executes a Side Dash Attack, a Forward Dash also forces the enemy to change his shot, reducing his hit percentage. And obviously, if he commits a Back Dash Attack, he's not as good as you are (actually, a diagonal Forward Dash is best in that scenario).