VOOT Jump Canceling
VOOT Jump Canceling
Jump Canceling
The most overlooked and easily forgotten techniques are almost always the most important... In my arcade experience of both Virtual On: Cybertroopers and VOOT, nothing says "I'm a scrub at this game" more than having to manually turn your robot to track your opponent; veteran players will always use the Jump Cancel to instantly turn to face an opponent, especially one that's dashed away from the field of view. The concept is like this: whenever you jump (by pressing the Y button), you automatically turn to face your opponent. Now, when you jump, you can immediately cancel your jump by pressing the A button, as long as you press the A button before the your robot's jets stop firing; canceling the jump will immediately place you back on the ground. You needn't wait until you're at the peak of your jump to cancel; the second you see yourself off the ground after you press Y, press A to immediately cancel, thereby automatically turning your mech to face the enemy. Sure, there are other uses for Jump Canceling (such as avoiding enemy fire, landing faster after an air dash, etc.), but Jump Canceling is most essential to immediately facing a foe.