Special Attacks
Ah, it wouldn't be fun without something a little unusual... Here's a list of the Special Attacks for each character, how to execute them, what they do and how useful they are in my opinion, on a scale of 1-5 (five being the best).
VOOT Temjin Special Attack
Surfing Ram: Jump (Y button), Air Dash forward, execute Center Weapon Attack while Air Dashing Forward; requires all weapons to be at 100%. Temjin jumps on his now-transmorphed sword/surfboard and rams the target. Good homing ability and great damage--however, Temjin's still vulnerable, and can actually be knocked off. Can also be avoided if you perform a crouch attack when the surfboard's about to hit you. 4
Spinning Sword: Analog Stick right or left + Center Weapon Attack; requires Center Weapon meter at 100%. Temjin spins with his sword out; no lock is needed, as this attack automatically homes in on the enemy. Doesn't cover much ground and starts very slowly. 2
Diving Kick: Jump (Y button), Air Dash forward, execute Center Weapon attack while Air Dashing Forward; requires Center Weapon meter at 100%. Apharmd-B jumps in the air and descends with a powerful diving kick; the higher the jump, the steeper the diving angle. The Diving Kick has absolutely no homing ability, so unless your opponent is dashing backward, this move is rarely used. 3
Hyper Mode: Double Jump (press Y twice), execute Center Weapon attack while Double Jumping. Once activated, you'll be surrounded by "the glow" for about ten seconds; while in Hyper Mode, Apharmd-B's weapons recharge faster, dash speed is increased, and his weapon damage is slightly increased. Obviously, after the ten seconds have elapsed, you'll be out of Hyper Mode. Though you can only activate this mode once per round, there aren't any major drawbacks to using this ability. 2
VOOT Apharmd-B Special Attack
VOOT Apharmd-S Special Attack
Diving Charge: Jump (Y button), Air Dash forward, execute Center Weapon Attack while Air Dashing Forward; requires Center Weapon meter at 100%. Nearly identical to Apharmd-B's Diving Kick, Apharmd-S jumps in the air, then dives toward the target, engulfed in an energy field. Again, you must manually aim this move; it has no homing ability whatsoever. 3
Hyper Mode: Double Jump (press Y twice), execute Center Weapon Attack while Double Jumping. This is exactly the same ability Apharmd-B has, with all the same features. This mode can only be activated once per round. 2
S.L.C.: Jump (Y button), Air Dash forward, execute Center Weapon Attack while Air Dashing Forward; requires Center Weapon meter at 100%. Story goes that when the first person who pulled off the S.L.C. attack in Virtual On: Cybertroopers screamed, "She's Lost Control!" Whether this story is true or not, Viper II/Cypher's flying attack has since been referred as the S.L.C. Similar to Viper II's old S.L.C. attack from Virtual On, Cypher transforms into his jet fighter form and charges the target surrounded by an energy field. Great damage, but you actually have to "steer" your plane to hit the target (to ascend and descend, press up and down on the d-pad respectively; use the Analog Stick to turn left and right). And yes, if someone starts firing a barrage of weaponry, it'll disrupt your S.L.C. 4
Jet Fighter Mode: Double Jump (press Y twice), press up on the Analog Stick. Yeah, I hear you humming the "Transformers" theme... For this attack, Cypher double jumps and transforms into his Jet Fighter Mode; you can fire weapons while in this mode, though you're limited to three attacks. It's not an extremely practical, but you can do it as many times as you like--and it's just plain fun. 3
VOOT Cypher Special Attack
VOOT Raiden Special Attack
Armor Shed: Jump (press Y button) and press up on the Analog Stick. Now, I know what you're wondering...why would I break off all my armor, decrease my health to 10% and lose all my V. Armor? All in the name of speed. Performing Raiden's Armor Shed will give him the fastest dashing speed of any robot (yes, faster than Fei-Yen Kn); the only time you'd need to do this, though, is if you're really low on health and are near the end of the match. Sacrificing armor for speed might give you the edge in such a situation. 3
Giant Mode: Press up on the Analog Pad; as soon as you do this, Dordray will start shaking and growing. While he's doing this, he's not only vulnerable to attack, but if he takes too much damage, the growing process will be interrupted. Once he's at full size, though, his armor and damage values increase. Keep in mind that this attack is mainly for show, and there's nothing more humiliating than having a giant-sized Dordray stomp on you (with his Right Weapon Attack when you're in Close Combat range). Can be performed only once per round. 3
Spinning Drill: Analog Stick left or right, Center Weapon Attack; requires Center Weapon Meter at 100%. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as Dordray takes a move from Temjin's list... Spinning like a top, Dordray automatically locks onto the target, striking the foe with his drill; good damage, but like Temjin's Spinning Sword, comes out slowly. 2
VOOT Dordray Special Attack
VOOT Fei-Yen Kn Special Attack
Fei-Yen Kn
Manual Hyper Mode: Press up on the Analog Pad. Those familiar with Virtual On know that once Fei-Yen drops below 50% health, she'll go into her Hyper Mode, making her faster, more powerful and a lot deadlier; many Fei-Yen players actually took hits to activate the Hyper Mode. So in VOOT, the developers made it a lot easier; the Hyper Mode can now be activated manually, though you lose about 70% of your health. Fei-Yen Kn players will still gladly trade most of that health to gain the greater advantages of speed and power, though. 4
E.R.L. (Ejectable Remote Launcher) Specials: Bal Bados is capable of launching four of these remote satellites to trigger some of the most amazing and unique attacks in VOOT. Press the following buttons to launch the corresponding "limbs:"
Right Arm E.R.L.: Left Turbo + Right Weapon
Left Arm E.R.l.: Left Turbo + Left Weapon
Right Thigh E.R.L.: Left Turbo + Crouch (A button) + Right Weapon
Left Thigh E.R.L: Left Turbo + Crouch (A button) + Left Weapon
Now, once all these are out, you have a number of special techniques and attacks available. Almost all the E.R.L. special attacks require your Center Weapon Meter be at 100%:
E.R.L. Switch: By default, all right-side E.R.L.'s shoot Ring Lasers, while left-side E.R.L.'s shoot Mines. You can switch this around by simply pressing up on the analog pad.
Delta End Pyramid: With all E.R.L.'s out, press the A button (crouch) + Right Turbo + Center Weapon Attack. With the proper anticipation, you can trap your opponent in an energy pyramid; once trapped, your E.R.L's can still fire within the pyramid. 3
Black Hole: With all E.R.L.'s out, press Right Turbo + Center Weapon Attack; your E.R.L's will form a huge energy ball. All of the opponent's attacks will then be sucked into this Black Hole. Lasts for about 10 seconds, and can only be performed once per round. 3
Reflect Laser: Again, with all E.R.L's out, jump in the air (Y button) and press Right Turbo + Center Weapon Attack. Your E.R.L.'s will form an intricate satellite laser attack; delivers great damage, and is probably one of his most useful special attacks. 4
VOOT Bal-Bados Special Attack VOOT Bal-Bados Special Attack
VOOT Grys-Vok Special Attack
ICBM Nuclear Missile: Crouch (press A button) + up on analog stick. Grys-Vok fires a huge missile that slowly travels up into the sky, only to come back down with a huge detonation. Massive damage; the only drawback is that he can be hurt by the explosion, as well. So when you fire this sucker off, (1) stay far away from your opponent, and (2) avoid firing the ICBM under or in front of large obstacles. While you can only fire it once per round, combined with Grys-Vok's already large complement of missiles, and even the mini-version of the ICBM (Crouch + Left Turbo + Center Weapon), and you've got one helluva good special weapon. 4
Death Mode: Press up on the analog stick once, press up again to confirm. Any time you have less life than your enemy, you can activate Death Mode; once activated, you have 13 seconds to finish the enemy off before your mech blows up. However, during these 13 seconds, you're completely invulnerable; Death Mode is extremely useful if you're running out of time in a match. 5
Sliding Tackle: Dash forward + Crouching Center Weapon Attack (press A and Center Weapon buttons simultaneously); requires Center Weapon Meter at 100%. This is a non-aerial version of the Apharmd brothers' diving attacks; in this one, an energy-fielded Specineff slides into the enemy. It's a cool-looking attack, but with one huge drawback: all weapons meters are depleted. And with no homing ability, it's a lot wiser to save your Weapon energy on other attacks. 1
Spirit Arc: Press right or left on analog pad + Left Weapon Attack. Specineff releases 12 floating, purple-flamed orbs that slowly glide toward the enemy. I've never seen a practical application of this attack; its homing ability is nowhere near as good as his normal Left Weapon Attack. Master players have told me its an awesome close combat attack, but I have yet to see it being used in close combat. 2
VOOT Specineff Special Attack
VOOT Angelan Special Attack
Angel Wings: Press Crouch (A button) + up on the analog stick. Yes, like a certain feminine product, Angelan has wings! Activating this special ability will drain 50% of Angelan's current health, but give Angelan an incredible amount of speed and maneuverability. Can be executed an unlimited number of times. 3