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Top Ten Things To Learn About VOOT:
Now that Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram is out in wide U.S. release, players everywhere can enjoy this game so they thought. There's no doubt that VOOT has an awesome array of tactics and strategies, but the techniques that bury this deep ocean of gameplay may be a bit too much the first couple of times you power up your Dreamcast. And due to the overwhelming amount of e-mail I've received asking for VOOT hints, tactics and advice, it's time to get off my lazy keister and offer a few tips from the VOOT well of knowledge.
Now, this ain't a strategy guide in which I'll tell you how many virtual meters Apharmd-B's forward dash covers (though, if you must know, it's 243 virtual meters), nor will I go into detail about who has the most powerful attacks per character (though Raiden has the most powerful long-distance weapon). Instead, the following are ten important things to learn in order to fully appreciate VOOT--so beginners, take notes, and veterans, time for a review. Note--any buttons commands used are referring to the Type-A configuration of the DC pad setup.
- Dangohead