VOOT Turbo Attacks
VOOT Turbo Attacks
Turbo Attacks
New to the Virtual On universe are the Turbo attacks. Pressing a Turbo button (X or B) simultaneously with an attack command (Right, Left, or Center) will release an enhanced attack; turbo attacks can be performed in every situation (standing, crouching, jumping), as long as the player isn't dashing. Each character's turbo attacks will obviously be somewhat different, but all share some similarities in their attacks, as well.
Generally, Right Turbo attacks will always inflict more damage than normal attacks, and can often freeze enemies for a short time (i.e., Angelan's Right Turbo Right Weapon and Apharmd-B's Right Turbo Center Weapon). Unfortunately, Right Turbo weapons deplete one's weapon meter very quickly, and have very little to no homing ability; they also deplete little to no Virtual Armor off opponents. More often than not, though, Right Turbo weapons issue the coolest-looking attacks _apart from Special Attacks--you'll get style points for finishing off someone with these weapons).
Left Turbo attacks don't get the same attention as their Right Turbo counterparts do, however, they're probably a lot more useful in the middle of battle. In most cases, Left Turbo weapons will deal less damage than basic attacks, but will have very unique effects; most Left Turbo attacks will eat V. Armor very quickly (particularly Temjin's Left Turbo Left Weapon), some will stun opponents (like Raiden's Left Turbo Center Weapon), some will knock enemies down (see Angelan's Left Turbo Center Weapon), and others have their own special abilities available only to that robot. For example, all of Specineff's Left Turbo attacks will temporarily disable certain weapons from the enemy; Left Turbo weapons also have great homing ability and, for the most part, don't reduce the player's weapon meters quickly.