VOOT Virtual Armor
Virtual Armor
Back in the days of Virtual On: Cybertroopers, players could spray each other all day at the ends of the arenas with weak weaponry; such annoying tactics were regularly practiced by Viper II and Fei-Yen players. Now, however, Virtual Armor (or V. Armor) is displayed during gameplay, and those days are long gone... During play, in the bottom right corner of your screen, you'll see two V. Armor measurements--one in orange (your robot's), and one in green (your opponent's). Heavier, better armored mechs will have higher V. Armor ratings than lighter armored robots, enabling them to deflect attacks from afar (f.y.i.: Dordray has the highest rating of V. Armor). Having good V. Armor, however, doesn't mean invincibility; all center weapons will either decrease V. Armor (or simply go through it), all Right Turbos will ignore V. Armor, forward Dashing Attacks will penetrate V. Armor, and almost all Left Turbo Right Weapon attacks will strip V. Armor. Yup, if you're having a hard time playing Fei-Yen Kn against a Dordray, start using your Left Turbo Right Weapon attacks to eat up reflecting V. Armor.