Fighters Megamix
by Sega
released December 21, 1996
for Sega Saturn

I have been a fan of Virtua Fighter ever since it's old polygon days, and I also like Fighting Vipers. Both of them are two great examples of a good fighting game, and the thing that makes Fighters Megamix a megamix is that it has all the characters from both games.
There are 11 characters from each game, plus 10 secret characters from assorted Sega games, including Virtua Cop, a character meant for Virtua Fighter 1 but was left out, Sonic: The Fighters, and some more. All these secret characters are earned by beating the game in certain ways. More rewards are offered for winning as well, such as extra options and pictures. Another reason to buy this game is that it has a little treat from Virtua fighter 3. All Virtua Fighters in the game have some moves from VF3 and Janet, from Virtua Cop, uses Aoi Umenokji's moves from VF3.
Fighters Megamix also has some excellent graphics and music and takes certain aspects from both games. The walls from Fighting Vipers are in half the levels, and the game play can be selected, as either Virtua Fighter or Fighting Vipers if you're used to one over the other. The Vipers also have their armor.
I recommend this game to anyone who's thinking of buying Virtua Fighter 2, or Fighting Vipers or both. It's a way to save money and get some extra bonus' along the way. And because these two games are two of the best fighters Sega of America has to offer, they're well worth the money.
One thing to add of course is Virtua Fighter's amazing realistic fighting styles. This is the reason Virtua Fighter is my favorite fighting game, and all the moves are in here.
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