VOOT Dashing Close Combat Attacks
VOOT Dashing Close Combat Attacks
Dashing Close Combat Attacks
This is one of the most spectacular attacks to pull off on an opponent; it's also one of the most difficult, no matter what robot you play with. You can perform Dashing Close Combat Attacks anytime, but be aware that you have to manually aim your Dashing CC Attack. The purpose of these attacks is pretty simple--while dashing near an opponent, smack them down with your melee weapon. Like the iajitsu technique of feudal samurais (drawing the katana, striking the opponent and sheathing the sword in one motion), this is undoubtedly a powerful attack with Close Combat droids like Temjin and Apharmd-B. To perform a Dashing CC attack, you must be dashing forward (yes, you can dash diagonally forward). Now, while dashing, press back on the D-pad and execute a weapon attack simultaneously. To attack an opponent on the left, press your Left Weapon Attack button; to attack an opponent on right, press your Right Weapon Attack button. Yes, you can even use the Center Weapon attack, but unless you've got them perfectly lined up, I don't recommend using the Center Weapon for a Dashing Close Combat Attack. Oh, and if you feel like you're going to be the recipient of such an attack, you can jump to avoid it, or, if you're really daring, block the Dashing CC Attack once you get a double lock on the enemy. Obviously, blocking a Dashing CC Attack requires that you actually see the attack.