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VR. Raiden
VR. Raiden
Raiden droids are feared for their dual laser cannons and their strontium-alloy armor. If these machines have a weak point, it's a lack of speed and jumping ability, but they don't need to spend much time trying to get out of anything's way.
Ground Bomb

Strategy Guide
Raiden's three basic moves are G-Bombs, Lasers, and his bazooka. Each one of these moves helps with the others in preparing a strategy.
Ground Bombs
Allthough the ground bombs seem useless they are good for drowning out your enemy, making him dodge it and fall into a laser or a rocket.
Gound bomb moves, the ducking move with the ground bomb (Push both sticks inward and fire), will make Raiden throw a ground bomb into the air and it will land then continue moving forward. This is good for throwing over objects, like buildings, in case your opponent is a hider!
Another move that can be done with the ground bomb is not very useful but good never the less. By dashing backward, and throwing a ground bomb you will throw one very, very fast, and it will hit it's target in a matter of seconds, but it will bounce if it doesn't hit your enemy. It will continues to bounce off objects until it explodes. The only thing this move is good for, is an annoyance to your opponent. The best way to keep clear of ground bombs is just a quick dash - Ground bombs aren't very helpful in open combat.
Raidens bazooka is one of my favorite weapons. The rockets are fairly powerful and they follow your enemy unless they are dodged quickly or they hit an obstacle.
Bazooka moves, standing still is usualy a bad thing to do if you're up against a good opponent. However, by launching rockets your opponent is forced to move unless he/she's behind an obstacle.
Dashing forward and launching rockets will let go three rockets, if you're close to your opponent you can turn around while firing and hit from behind. This is a good move to do when your enemy is getting up.
Firing while standing still can be a problem, because naturally your opponent will dodge the attacks. The attacks can be made harder to dodge by moving side to side then firing - No dashing, just one tiny movement left, fire, another tiny movement right, fire -- This attack makes your rockets come from either side of your opponent, and if done from the proper angle can sometimes work it's way around obstacles.
Dashing sideways can make you release a lot of rockets at a time, maybe 8-10. This is good for faraway attacks because it keeps your enemt on his/her toes. And many times at least one of these rockets will hit.
The crouching bazooka attack is very helpful for close range attacks. If you're facing an opponent that jumps a lot, crouching and firing rockets will knock them out of the air immediately. This is very helpful for people that like to play as Bal-Bas-Bow and jump when they're close to you.
This strategy is called dancing because that's just what it is, dancing back and forth in order to dodge quick and low fluent attacks, like Apharmds shot gun, or Temjin laser. This strategy is best done with Raiden, although he's not very fast he can handle better than any other VR and this is important. It's a series of dashes from side to side, if you have time, firing a single rocket before each dash will make your enemy have to move, therefor letting you out of the pressure of dodging all their attacks.
Dodging bazooka attacks is pretty easy, the only problem is that they follow the target. So dancing helps, but sometimes you have to dodge two at a time before dodging again. Otherwise it's very simple to stay clear of them.
Raidens lasers are one of them most powerful and most devastating weapons in the game. They can take a substantial amount of power out of any VR, especially weak armored ones like Viper II.
Aiming is one of the most important factors of firing Raidens lasers. Most opponents know not to stand still for longer than half a second, so you have to anticipate where your enemy will end up, because the lasers are powerful, but pretty slow.
Drowning an enemy out of a hiding place with ground bombs will set them up for a clear shot with your lasers. Rockets are also helpful to keep your enemy moving to where you want them to be.
The crouching attack with lasers will send four, near-to-each-other lasers at a very fast pace towards the target. This is good for hitting enemies at a long range when they're dashing, or standing behind an object with just a little of themselves exposed.
Dashing forward and firing lasers will send two blasts of four lasers each. They are fairly weak because of the spread power of the lasers, but they are also very effective in hitting an enemy of close or far range.
Jumping and firing rockets or ground bombs with Raiden is useless. And firing lasers in the air aren't very helpful either, unless you're sure they will hit your enemy. The period of time after you fire lasers from the air is very long and dangerous.
Close Range
Raiden's strongest point isn't close range. From just seeing Raiden you'd think he is, because it looks like he'd have some muscles if he weren't a machine. It's obvious he isn't meant for close range combat, because he has no special moves in this field. He can charge the enemy, and hit with the bazooka and that's all. Probably the best move to perform at close range would be one single laser blast is you know it will hit your enemy. There are certain VRs Raiden shouldn't even try to compete with in close range, such as apharmd, temjin, or viper II.
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