The House of the Dead
by Sega
released March 26, 1998
for Sega Saturn

House of the Dead is a 3D light-gun shooter that is created by the Sega AM2 division. The game graphic is bad if it compared to the arcade Model2 board version, but the gameplay is in here. This game features multiple path and lot of enemies to kill!
House of the Dead is a Sega Saturn Light-gun ready shooter. It's a relatively fun game, but the graphics could have had a little more work put into them. It follows a storyline roughly like Resident Evil, and it's full of the usual zombies and giant insects.
Although the graphics are not as good as they could be, the game has a lot of continuity and extras. Between following the paths you choose, much like Virtua Cop 2, and firing at certain things which make things happen. Blowing off limbs and putting holes in monsters is one thing this game has that a lot of console shooters don't have, which contributes to it's continuity.
This game, like all shooters is based on shooting things, but House of the Dead has a lot of blood and gore, so it's advised a lot of consideration goes into it before letting the kids play for a while.
Over all, House of the Dead is a fun game, and being one of Saturn's last American releases, it's expected to be as good as possible so Saturn can go out the way it should. I recommend this game to anyone that enjoys a good time.
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