Panzer Dragoon Saga
Panzer Dragoon Saga
by Sega
released January 29, 1998
for Sega Saturn

This game spans 4 CD's and is 15-20 hours long depending on how many extras you decide to go through. The reason it's so short but on so many discs is the large amount of movies and animations, and of course, the amazing graphics and music. All speech is written as well as spoken, which also plays a big role in the amount of power this game needs.
Panzer Dragoon Saga is without a doubt, my favorite Saturn game I've ever played, but Sega Enterprises only sent about 5000 copies to North America so far, and they're all gone. Fortunately, SEGA has decided to put out more copies due to its overwhelming demand.
I'd recommend this game mainly for mature people, due to some mild language, and after all, it's not very simple either, and can be, not confusing, but complicated.
The game is a role playing game mixed with an action game. The battles have somewhat the same idea of a Final Fantasy game, but they have more action and speed. It's storyline is indepth, and very original, as is the style and play of the game. The main reason this is my favorite game is that it's very fun, and never lets the player lose interest in what's going on. I strongly suggest to anyone with a Saturn to make sure not to miss this game the next time it is released.
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